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To all our valued members who have been charged a fee of $2.60 by our beloved Australia Post on your October newsletter. Apparently for reasons, only known to Australia Post, over half of our members were forced to go to their local P.O. to collect their newsletter and pay an extra $2.60 to retrieve their copy. For over 20 years we have put out a monthly newsletter of 8 sheets, A4 pages and every month for those 20 years, the cost of postage has been the cost of a normal stamp which these days is $1.10. The October newsletter has not changed in size of envelope, number of pages, thickness of paper etc, etc and is identical in every way to the previous newsletters that we have been posted each month for at least the last 20 YEARS so we put stamps to the value of $1.10 on each envelope. On behalf of the club, we offer our apologies for the inconvenience caused by Australia Post not only for the fee that they charged but for the inconvenience of you having to waste your valuable time in going to the Post Office and collect your magazine. I have done a phone around to about 30 members today to ascertain what percentage of our membership were forced to help pay for the 4 watches, oop's sorry, I meant the $2.60 fee and two members said that they were not charged because the P.O. staff said their letter had the correct postage on it. This in itself backs what I have been saying. Margaret and myself, for a couple of years, had the job of folding and enveloping the magazine. I always took them to the P.O. the next morning and got the staff to check that we had the postage was correct. Usually after checking 6 or so eenvelopes, through their measuring slot, they said that they were all good and away they went. I was only made aware of this late yesterday, Friday, of this issue and I will be taking it up with Australia Post on Monday. I will not let it rest until I get satisfaction. My main concern is that Austpost have, through their incompetence, made it look like your club have avoided paying the correctpostage.

It is common knowledge that the amount of letters being posted has grossly dropped off in recent times and this type of action by Austpost probably explains why. If any member wants to receive their copy by email, just let me know and we are happy to arrange it. I'll keep you posted on the result of my contacting Australia Post. Keep well and keep safe, regards Ron Carroll, President HCVAQ. Any concerns please contact me on my mobile 0402-234-657.

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Updated: 265th October 2020